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Teacher Trainer: Melinda Burks

Hi everyone!

My journey as an English Language educator started four years ago as a participant of a month-long study abroad program in San Jose, Costa Rica where I studied Spanish and culture. I have been studying Spanish since the tender-age of 10 and at this moment my passion for language-learning and international cultures was sparked and led to me studying Journalism and English at Georgia State University.

However, while an expat in Costa Rica I was made aware of the strong desire for others around the world to learn the English language. Whether it be for Sunshine Language School job security or personal reasons it was obvious English was becoming the language of global commerce and everyone wanted it. With this new knowledge I embarked on my journey of international-travel gaining experience teaching English to speaker’s of other languages.

I have traveled to South Africa where I spent two-weeks working with young boys and girls through the performing arts. Although the area I worked in had a fair amount of English speakers, there was still plenty of opportunity for me to discuss English words, phrases and statements unique to America. After my international travels Sunshine Language School I worked at a government-organization teaching 35+ adult refugees of various ethnicities.

I have TEFL certification from International TEFL Academy. I am now pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Southern California where I, one day, hope to become an English Language Specialist with the United States government conducting diplomatic work through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Communication is the key to advancement both personally and for business.

I look forward to equipping you with the skills to become greater communicator by your acquisition of another language!


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